St. Luke’s-The Toledo Clinic Medicare Partnership Yields Higher Quality Results

Northwest Ohio Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a partnership between The Toledo Clinic, St. Luke’s WellCare Physicians Group, and independent community physicians, has received some tremendous news from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding their clinical quality. The results of their 2016 quality and medical savings initiatives with Medicare were some of the best-rated in the Midwest.

An “ACO” is a formal method, designed by Health & Human Services (HHS) for doctors and hospitals to work together and be incentivized to raise quality and lower the cost of care. NW Ohio ACO represented the first year that The Toledo Clinic, St. Luke’s Hospital, and an Independent Physician Association (IPA) of Toledo-area physicians collaborated together in the program.

As a result, this collective effort in 2016 saved Medicare millions of dollars in medical costs, and more critically, achieved an overall quality score of 97.36%. “This score represents one of the higher quality rankings in the Midwest,” stated Ian Elliot, MD; Board Chair of NW Ohio ACO. “We are very proud of the results because a lot of hard work went into the effort.”

Dan Wakeman, President & CEO, St. Luke’s Hospital, shared, “Considering this was our first year as an independent group, we could not be more thrilled by the outcome. As our doctors became more educated on the program, they continued to increase the value to Medicare beneficiaries.”

Greg Rosenthal, MD, a member of the ACO said, “In an age where quotas and profits can come before patient care, it is encouraging to see a hospital and a physician-run organization put the patients first and provide top quality care at a fraction of the cost."