The Technology

Precise Movement Guided by Human Hands

Imagine all the things your hands can do. You’ve used them to change a tire, to cook a meal, to play an instrument. Now imagine that you could use your knowledge and experience to guide another set of hands to do the things you know how to do. That’s the principle behind the da Vinci Surgical System. Whether you are having prostatectomy or hysterectomy surgery, your surgeon can use this robotic technology to complete the procedure with delicate movement – leaving minimal incisions and minimal scarring.

Technology at Work

During robotic surgery, a powerful scope is snaked through an incision 1-2 centimeters long. Attached through the outside of the scope is a camera that allows the surgeon a highly detailed surgical view of the surgical site. Through three-dimensional, binocular-like lenses with 10X magnification, our surgeons are able to see details within a fraction of a millimeter. The tiny incision also reduces blood loss, which further improves visibility.

Surgeons work remotely by controlling the robotic arms attached to micro-instruments from a console a few feet from the operating table. The surgeon uses joystick-like controls within the console that directly reflect the movement of the robotic instruments at the operating table. As they precisely maneuver the robotic arm, the surgical device automatically corrects any hand tremor and cutting to a minute tolerance.

Although, it is often called a "robot," the da Vinci Surgical System cannot perform any acts on its own, nor can it make any decision on its own. Therefore, your surgeon has complete control over da Vinci in real time.

With any surgery, it’s important to discuss all of your treatment options as well as the associated risks and benefits with your physician. If your physician has recommended surgery, be sure to ask if robotic surgery at St. Luke’s Hospital is right for you. If you have any questions or concerns about robotic surgery, call us at 419-893-5956, ext. 8818.

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