Continuing Services

For some people, wellness is just a matter of routine doctor visits and yearly checkups. For others, however, living life to the fullest requires diligent monitoring of your health – and sometimes, extra help for conditions that may require special treatment, physical therapy or pain management. This is particularly true for us as we age. St. Luke’s Hospital offers a wide range of continuing health services that are designed with your long-term health needs in mind.

Types of Continuing Services

Diabetes Care: Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a bit overwhelming. You are probably wondering what kind of changes you need to make to your lifestyle in order to be healthy and happy. At the Diabetes Care Center at St. Luke’s Hospital, we offer diabetes education classes so that you can learn how to eat, exercise, and take care of yourself – and get a handle on your diabetes for good.

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Senior Services: Getting older and wiser is a wonderful experience, but it also presents some new challenges. Your health care needs change as you age – and so should your health regimen. St. Luke’s offers a wide variety of services for seniors who want to stay healthy and active during their golden years.

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