When Your Health Depends on It: Critical Care

St. Luke's: Critical Care that Saves Lives

When your health depends on it, you can rely on St. Luke’s for:

CONFIDENCE. St. Luke’s has more active neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine specialists than any other provider in northwest Ohio and is the region’s top choice for spine surgery.

STRENGTH. St. Luke’s has the region’s top cardiovascular specialists. Our innovative thinking, experience and tenacity is heightened by the advanced technology at our fingertips.

INNOVATION. St. Luke’s was the first to bring robotics to northwest Ohio and continues to have the most advanced systems in the region.

EXPERTISE. The WellCare Physicians Group at St. Luke’s Hospital knows your medical history, your family, and your plans. No urgent care could ever hope to match that kind of understanding.

The depth and quality of the critical and life-saving care at St. Luke’s is greater than ever before.

At St. Luke’s, every physician, every nurse, every care professional, and every member of our support staff is passionate about putting you and your health first. This is an important distinction, because advanced life-saving services are only half of our story. The other half is the genuine human caring we’ve always been known for, in a safe, quiet setting that is convenient for you and your family. St. Luke’s also accepts all major insurance plans.

Talk to your primary care physician about life saving care at St. Luke’s or fill out the form below if you are interested in our critical care services.