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At St. Luke's, we put care first, always. As an independent, nonprofit healthcare organization, our people differentiate us from other area healthcare providers. Our open and friendly attitude extends to every member of our family, especially our patients. Each day we focus on providing excellent service, and that takes the coordinated efforts of many dedicated, hard-working individuals to run our facility. We are always on the lookout for talented new team members.

We consider our employees to be more than just people who work here. Each person who works for St. Luke’s is someone we believe in - someone in which we invest. Whether it’s through professional development or community involvement, we support and encourage our employees to succeed!

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*By selecting the link above, you will be directed to the ProMedica Career Center portal. Although St. Luke's has recently divested from ProMedica, the Career Center still serves as the gateway to job opportunities at St. Luke's Hospital. When conducting your search, please select St. Luke's Hospital for your preferred location.

Tobacco-free Hiring Practice

St. Luke’s has a tobacco-free hiring practice. Our tobacco-free policy aids in the health and well-being of our employees, and it helps us show our patients and the community at large how committed we are to health and wellness.

This policy states simply that we hire only tobacco-free employees. When you apply for a job with us, you will be asked about the use of tobacco and other products containing nicotine. Before you are hired, you will be screened for nicotine.

If you answer “yes” to use of nicotine or screen positive for nicotine, you may reapply for a job with us after you have been free of nicotine for 90 days.

Working at St. Luke’s

Why Choose St. Luke’s: St. Luke’s is a 316-bed community hospital that offers a broad spectrum of services-- and we are always in need of people with a wide variety of skill sets. If you are currently seeking employment, we encourage you to learn more about working at St. Luke’s Hospital.

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About the Maumee and northwest Ohio Area: St. Luke’s is located in Maumee, Ohio, a picturesque Toledo suburb that follows the bank of the Maumee River for five miles. If you are new to the area and interested in working at St. Luke’s, find out more about Maumee and northwest Ohio.

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