Outpatient Testing

Your physician relies on medical testing to find out all sorts of information about your health. Whether it’s a lab test to check your blood cholesterol levels or an X-ray to check your bones for fractures, medical testing is a vital tool for making sure you get the right diagnosis and treatment.

We at St. Luke’s Hospital understand that you want a lot of convenient options when you are choosing where to go for a medical test. That’s why we offer outpatient testing at a number of different locations. No matter where you live in the greater Toledo area, we’re in your neighborhood.

Types of Outpatient Testing

Medical Imaging: Has your doctor recommended an X-ray, MRI, or other type of radiology service that creates an image of the inside of the body? Find a medical imaging location near you.

Outpatient Laboratory: Has your doctor ordered a blood or urine test to be taken outside of their office? Find a lab services location near you.