Treatment Services

Sometimes, a single trip to the doctor isn’t enough to help you with a health problem. Sometimes, you need longer-term help from people who know a lot about your particular condition. Whether you need help quitting smoking or just getting a good night’s sleep, St. Luke's Hospital can help. Ask for a referral to one of our treatment services, and we will aid you in your quest to get back on the road to wellness.

Types of Treatment Services

Pain Clinic: When you suffer from chronic pain, you know how disruptive it can be to your regular routine. If you need relief from back, joint, muscle or shoulder pain, or pain caused by herniated discs or shingles, you should ask your primary care physician to refer you to the Pain Clinic. Here, our team will help you manage your pain and restore your quality of life.

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Sleep Disorders Center: All of us, no matter who we are, need a good night’s sleep. When you have a hard time sleeping, or when your sleep is not restful, you know that something is wrong. At the Sleep Disorders Center, we can diagnose and treat your sleep problem so you can rest easy.

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Tobacco Treatment Center: Ask anyone who has quit smoking or using tobacco, and they will tell you it was one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do. There’s no reason you should have to go through this difficult process by yourself. Tell your doctor that you need help quitting smoking, and let the Tobacco Treatment Center help you become smoke-free.

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